ESR in English

European School Radio(ESR) ( is a non profit civil partnership/company that supports, guides, fosters and promotes the Web Radio European School Radio to the secondary education community in Greece and Europe (  It was established in November 2013. In addition, it encourages and supports all events, activities and actions that promote media literacy in education.It has organised 2 festivals for the student Radio in schools ( , and participated with live radio coverege in numerous events, such as ICT student conferences. Members of the board and other members have given numerous speaches and workshops to educators of public and private schools, starting from nursaries to senior high school. It has strategic partnerships with public bodies such as Education Radio and Television of the Ministry of Education (, institutions (universities http://(, institutes of technologies ( and associations such as the Journalists Association( and other public bodies, eg local educational authorities, local government. Right now, it has 5 board members and around 30 members including academics, educators, journalists and other stakeholders in media. ESR board members are at the same time the managers and coordinators for the Web Radio. They are the founders and coordinators of the radio since the beginning in 2010 until today. Therefore, ESR holds and conveys the expertise around technologies, management and organisation, strategy and development, partnerships, communications and delivery of a wide spread web radio with a network of thousands of radio producers (radio groups). It has expertise on developing and organise a network of schools and radio groups and deliver a flowless radio programme in a single Web Radio. In fact, this year, it has 322 schools subscribed to the Web Radio. It has established a knowledge base of lectures and training on the Web Radio involvement for schools and educators. In addition, members participate in conferences and journals with related topic areas. ESR gains steady strength and popularity among the education community , media companies and organisations. European School Radio is the only large scale student radio in Greece and has been presented in a plethora of Mass media (TV, radio, press) the last years and has a respectable level of recognition at the society overall, which increases steadily.

An indicative list of the Key persons:

Nikolaos Yagoulis: (MSc, MBA), he is an ICT High School Teacher, head of ESR society, responsible for European and national Projects and PR (spokesman). Cordinated two Comenius Projects related to ICT and Media, (eg. “European School Radio: the voice of young europeans”   ESR web radio founder and coordinator.

Anagnostis Genitzes, ICT High School Teacher, secretary for ESR society, responsible for the technical aspects of the web radio, founder and coordinator of ESR web radio.

Prof. Dr. Diamantaras Kostas, professor at Institute of Technology ATEITH specialised in parallel and Intelligent systems

Hatzikamari Panagiota, head of school Vocational guidance in Kilkis municipality, treasurer for ESR society, responsible of Communications, training and an ‘animating spirit’ for the web radio and radio. ESR web radio founder and coordinator.

Dr.Anastasios Vafiadis,Phd Chemistry, High School Tearcher (experimental senior High School), member of ESR society, responsible for radio programme day to day schedule and music. ESR web radio founder and coordinator.

Eftychia S. Touliou (Μ.Α.): primary school teacher, Coordinator in collaborative and inter-school projects in schools, member of European School Radio Scientific Society, has implemented several practical examples and training sessions for the schools.